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Quek Siu Rui
Marcus Tan
Lucas Ngoo


2012 - Carousell was founded in SG

2017 - Carousell was launched in HK

2020 - Raised $80m from Naver


Launched HK business

Hired GM and team

Assess new verticals & new opportunities

"We beleive there’s opportunity beyond the transactional."


We partnered with Carousell to launch their Hong Kong market, as well as continued partnership across other expansion opportunities into new verticals.

Carousell is a SG-based online marketplace. We believe in the power of possibilities that people bring to the process. Through every buyer, seller and listing, we believe there’s opportunity beyond the transactional. Our mission is to inspire every person in the world to start selling and buying to make more possible for one another, on a global scale.



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